Industries such as automotive and white goods manufacturers produces billions of sheet metal parts per year. A major challenge for these manufacturers is to reduce the cost associated with producing dies. Cost savings become even more significant for parts that require several processing steps and dies.


Magnetic Pulse Forming is a solution for forming and perforating processes reduce cost significantly. Magnetic Pulse Forming has ability to cut, form and perforate sheet metals or tubes into complicated shapes, in a single step with a single sided die.


This intensive high current discharged through a coil surrounding the work piece creates electromagnetic forces between the coil and the work piece that accelerate the work piece towards a single sided die.


The work piece is shaped to the die, perforated, and cut into the required shape, in a single operation.


Magnetic Pulse Forming Advantages:

  • Negligible spring-back
  • Single-sided die
  • Non-contact process, no surface protection required
  • Experience with areas of 600cm¬≤ of any metal
  • Metal thickness of up to a few millimeters depending on the sheet metal properties
  • Significantly reduces equipment investments
  • No need for special infrastructure
  • Smaller footprint on the shop floor
  • Single-step process: less stamping machines,less dies
  • Stable, fully controlled process
  • Lower operational costs, No lubrication required