Magnetic pulse crimping is very similar to magnetic pulse forming of cylindrical products, except that the inner part of the assembly replaces the die in the latter process. The process is suitable for cylindrical, elliptical and rectangular work pieces.


Correctly designed joints made by the Magnetic Pulse Crimp process are typically stronger than the parent material. In this process, compression of the tube will normally result in wall thickening, which adds to the joint strength.


The main advantage compared to conventional crimping methods is smooth 360 degree crimp.


Magnetic Pulse Crimping Advantages:

  • Performed on low ductility materials, such as cast aluminum
  • Crimping shape: most tube shapes,including cylindrical, elliptical and rectangular
  • Crimping of 450mm circumference of circular and other shades are established
  • Crimping of materials considered as non-crimpable
  • Avoiding expensive processes such as adhesive bonding, cleaning and heating
  • ‘Green’ Process through elimination of adhesives
  • Higher strength than mechanical crimping