Magpulse Technologies is dedicated to the manufacture and development of magnetic pulse process equipment and its applications under collaboration with Bmax, France.


Magpulse is managed by a team of electrical & mechanical engineers with vast experience in welding and forming. We have created ground for extended research & development of magnetic pulse processes called welding, crimping, forming and hydroforming.


Our technology is based on the high concentration of electrical energy used to manipulate metal at extremely high deformation speeds.


Magpulse design, develop & manufacture required tooling for welding, forming & crimping applications including automation needs for magnetic pulse welding, forming, crimping & others.


Magpulse Technologies is an authorized value added manufacturer and re-seller of Bmax systems in India. Magpulse therefore offers you the most cutting edge technology in the field of magnetic pulse systems. For more information contact a Magpulse team member.